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Below are some frequently asked questions.

Q: Why rent a photo booth?

A: Having a photo booth at your event will be the ultimate hit and life of the party! Our photo booth provides a very unique and entertaining experience that everyone will enjoy from the moment they arrive. Just like many of our customers say “the least expensive and the best part of our event”.

Q: What makes your Photobooth stand apart from your competitors?

A: We are Wedding and Events Photographers. As Photographers we want the best picture quality and prints coming out of our booths, we used top notch real professional Full Frame Cameras, not consumer cameras, real Professional grade lenses and lighting to insure the best picture possible. Also, our booths have video mode and is available in most of our packages. We also have a variety of Professional Modern Backgrounds for you to choose from. We do our best to make sure your photos leave a lasting impression. Oh and let’s not forget about our props! We have the most fun props and props/signs! That’s how we stand out of the competition.

Q: How does it work?

A: Just get in, You will be in front of a large 21-23″ Screen with live view,  touch the screen to select Color or Black & White, Push Start for Photos smile and the booth will do the rest! Images will be displayed on the monitor inside the booth, 10 seconds later the pictures are printed and available outside the photo booth. (The options vary with the model of the booth.) Or Push Start Video wait for the countdown and start saying your Message when you see the green bar. An Attendant will always be on site to guide you through!

Q: Can I view My photo before it prints??

A: Yes, there is an option that requires you to confirm the photos if you are happy you hit Print if not you hit Re-Take, it is convinient but is not recommended as it will slow the line. If it Prints Automatically it will have the line moving much faster.

Q: How long does it take to get a photo printed?

A: It takes about 10 seconds for the photo to be processed and printed. It’s super fast!

Q: Can I upload my photos to Facebook or Twitter?

A: Absolutely! We have our optional Social Media Kiosk, You can share your photos to Facebook, Instagram, Twitter or even email it or text it to your self right outside the booth for a nominal fee.

Q: How is the quality of the photo that is printed?

A: Pretty much amazing. If you want specifics, photos are printed using high speed Dye Sub printers at 300dpi. Each print takes about 10 seconds to print and it’s dry instantly.

Q: Can our guests download their photos?

A: Yes. For Free. And at the full-resolution they are taken with. Not many other photo booth companies offer this.

Q: Can you protect our photo gallery with a password?

A: To make your event photos easier to share, we recommend that you keep your gallery public. However, we don’t mind restricting access by adding a password to your gallery.

Q: How long does it take for photos to be uploaded to our site?

A: We try to get them posted online before the night is over. But usually it’s within 24-48 hours of your event.

Q: Do you accept credit cards?

A: Yes, we do! All major credit cards are accepted.

Q: How do I find out if a photo booth is available on our event date?

A: If you are booking several months in advance, there’s a good chance your event date is available. To make certain, please call us at (650) 281-7150 or email us with the date, city and Zip Code of the event’s location.

Q: How do I reserve a photo booth?

A: Before a photo booth can be considered reserved, you must complete and return our Event Information Sheet and our Rental Agreement, and pay a deposit. Please note that simply informing us that you want to rent a photo booth on a particular event date does not reserve a photo booth.

Q: How much deposit is required to reserve a photo booth?

A: 25 percent of the total rental fee, plus California state and local sales tax (currently 8.75-9.25 percent depending on the city you are in). We take deposits by check, credit card and of course cash$$!

What Clients are saying about us

"GREAT photobooth! Over 400+ photos taken the night of our wedding and all of our guests totally loved it! Luis was VERY professional and on top of things during the planning stages and even on our big day. He custom made the layout of the prints for us, which was on point! I highly recommend him and his team, we will definitely use him in the future. Awesome company, amazing service and outstanding results!"
Victoria M
San Jose, CA

"OMG! You were the highlight of the day. Thank YOU! It was awesome. I will definitely be using you again!"
Matt and Christina A
Santa Clara, CA

"So pleased with working with Luis and his professional, fun, knowledgeable staff for two events now. I have already secured him for a date six months ahead because I know I want him! Great quality photos, clear communication and great prices!"

Redwood City, CA